Car Wash Customers Are Challenged by Service – Here is Some Advice

Car wash customers of fixed site locations often complain about the service, the quality, the price, the labor, and along with the attitudes of the staff. Indeed, in many communities car washes have lobbied to prevent home washing, car wash fundraisers, and even mobile auto detailing services from operating. Now, these customers are forced to go to the car wash where they get less than stellar service.Having been in and around the car wash industry all my life, I am amazed at the lousy service that is provided by at least 65% of the car washes out there and it turns out that customers and surveys show a negative view of car washes in even a higher ratio.Explain What You Want Done in DetailWhen you pull into a carwash and talk to the service writer you need to ask specific questions and explain to the service writer any additional problems you have and make sure that they will be addressed. For instance, if you have spilled coffee inside of your car and you want that cleaned properly, you need to make that clear.If you have extra dog hair in the trunk you need to explain that as well. Maybe you have stuck your dog in the trunk because he barks too much. The service writer will then write down all this information on a sheet, and see to it that it gets done and completed properly. (hopefully he won’t call PETA on you!)Before Leaving the Car Wash LotBefore you get into your car and drive away, you should inspect it briefly and point to any spots that you feel has not been done properly. You must make sure that no water is dripping out of cracks, which will later blow across the car and end up as dried water spots.If the car is not done properly you need to either talk to the service writer or have the person drying the car fix the problem. If the person drying the car does not speak English, go find someone that does and do not be intimidated by this. Do not yell, in English at them, they won’t understand anyway, and will just laugh at you.Far too often, car wash customers are challenged by the service of fixed site carwashes, and now with new rules and regulations, and local city ordinances the consumer is not allowed to wash their own cars in their own driveway and they are forced into this lousy service. You must not let this get the best of you. I sure hope you will please consider all this.If you continually get bad service, go home pick up the phone and call the BBB.